Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Make up Collection

My Friend Lyuba has gotten me interested in makeup again.

so for my first post i'll start with what i have.

i'll begin with what i recently bought on a makeup sale at my work. 50% off is a great deal, so i even bought some stuff i was unsure of before.

i spent more money on makeup than i expected, but it came out much cheaper than if i had bought it all at full price, not to mention i didn't have to pay tax! just around $90 something.

the day before i bought another lipstick and some eye makeup primer at walmart.

my nailpolish collection, i have fallen in love with sally hansen insta dry nailpolish,...i've almost got the entire rainbow now, need to get some hard to find colors at target.

the two polishes on the left are some lyuba gave me- color changing from coraly orange to purple! and black

the two on the right are new: Peach & gold sparkles!

my nail art polishes

neutrals: white ,black,clear,light nude & nude

red,pink,yellow,turquoise,shiny turquoise & shiny green

light purple,dark shiny purple, irridescent purple& dark shiny blue

my costume lashes: the ones on the left i used for my White Rabbit Lolita cosplay, it has gems on the lashes

and the ones on the right are dark blue/purple

natural lashes for whatever look i need

my new lipsticks: Purple, Orchid,red & Magenta

my NCIS "Abby" lips

the purple came out much brighter in flash,..its actually much darker in reality

i'll post my other makeup in the next post, i have fallen for Hot Topics makeups

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